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UX research, User journey mapping, Heuristic evaluation, Wireframes, Mock-ups, User testing.

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First, I conducted research to determine the needs of target user groups. It included both data analysis and user interviews. I discovered that the learning curve of the older version of the tool was too steep. Additionally, users had split into two different target groups that were expecting two opposite things from Symanto.

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The insights I gathered during the user research became the basis for redefining users' values and, therefore, completely changing the layout of the web app. The key point was to discover the user type in the beginning of their app experience, and then offer them only the part of the functionality that is relevant to them, and not to overwhelm them with things they don't need.

I designed a smooth and short onboarding flow that gave them a better understanding of the tool's values and functionality. I tested the solution on a small group of users before implementation.

Symanto 3.png


Now Symanto SaaS has clear navigation, easily discovered functionality, and a smooth learning curve. 

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