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I was responsible for executing the design hypothesis, as well as creating and testing the solution prototype. Implemented by the client, my solution increased the website conversion.


User interview, Design audit, Prototyping, User testing.

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After website analysis, I developed hypotheses about the reasons for low engagement and conversion. To confirm my hypotheses and see how users use the website, I conducted a user testing of the old version of the website with six participants representing the target audience. Besides numerous small UX issues, the main insights were the following:

  • People don't know where to start on the website

  • The main concern of people who are moving to a new city and looking for furniture is the price estimate, and it wasn't reflected anywhere on the website.

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The user's engagement started with a short quiz that helped to identify the user's specific case. I designed a prototype that would make the beginning of the quiz flow difficult to miss, using a bright but short form at the top of the home page. This encouraged users to start interacting with the website right away. I cleaned up the rest of the pages, making the website look more consistent, and fixed other minor UX issues. 


After the prototype was done I conducted one more user testings. It confirmed the solution and allowed me to polish it before its implementation.

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Although I'm not allowed to share real numbers, after the solution implementation, the website conversion increased so much that the company had to work on their sales processes to be able to handle all requests.

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