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User research, Heuristic evaluation, Prototyping, User testing.

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The principle of stress measurement in Kenkou is based on scientific research about the miscorrelation of breathing and heartbeat rhythms. To perform the measurement, the user holds their finger on the phone’s camera, which records the characteristics of the pulse.

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Kenkou SDK's design process was highly iterative and included stages of research, ideation, content creation, prototyping, tech assessment, scientific assessment, user testings, etc. I was responsible not only for UX, but I also had to take care of the simplicity and scalability of the design system, as well as consider government data collection regulations, and scientific accuracy of the results and their interpretation.

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Supporting Kenkou's design, I had to solve various problems, both UX and technical. Here are some examples of the solutions:

  • Making the design system flexible - scalable and customizable for B2B clients who will be using Kenkou SDK.

  • Not giving B2B clients too much freedom to customize the design :).

  • Motivating users to share their behavioral data that would make the stress measurement more accurate.

  • Keeping the balance between collecting a lot of data for scientific accuracy, and making sure users stay engaged with the flow.

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