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User research, Prototyping, User testing.

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Embr Wave is a bracelet developed by MIT alumni, that affects human body temperature to bring comfort. My team and I were responsible for adding a new feature for the heating/cooling modes customization, as well as multiple smaller modifications.)

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Working on Embr Labs’ project, we applied user testing and user interviews as research methods, as well as analyzed the quantitative data collected by Embr Labs.


Equipped with the results we received from the research, we adjusted our UI or UX design solutions to get perfect results.

Besides that, one of our responsibilities was to communicate with the remote development team and help to overcome the implementation challenges.

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The result of the efforts was consistent UI and UX improvements of the app, and the addition of several new useful features.

Embr has won numerous awards, including the AARP Innovation in Aging Award, Time Magazine's Best Inventions and the iF Design Award.

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