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User Interview, Wireframing Prototyping.

Polizei 01.png


I designed the app for Bundezpolizei developed by Orca Affairs. This app is for young people who want to become a part of the German police. The BPOL app gives them a structured and clear way of learning about the job and the application process. BPOL app also helps future applicants to train before physical and mental exams. 

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Working with a government organization was an unusual experience for me. While having longer than average feedback time, BPOL has very well-defined and strict branding and style. Designing the app, I had to stay within these boundaries.


The BPOL app is supposed to be in German only. The users from the target audience, high school students, also often spoke German only. Unfortunately, I don't speak German, and the inability to understand the interface language produced all kinds of inconveniences. Here are a few things that helped me to overcome this challenge:


  • German words can be amazingly long. This is especially challenging when creating tabs and menus. I tried to simplify the language wherever I could, leaving only three items in the bottom navigation bar, so the labels would fit. I also reduced the font size a tiny bit to fit more, but still keeping it readable.

  • It was easy to forget what screens mean, and to quickly visually distinguish them. I had to duplicate some text in English, beside the German one. Having a more detailed bilingual flow map was also very handy.

  • A native-speaking colleague helped us a lot with UX text and naming. He also translated feedback during the user interview. 

Polizei 03.png


The app was designed by me, implemented by Orca Affairs, and is now used by people who are training to join Bundespolizei. The app has a few thousand downloads, a 4.9 rating, and great reviews on App Store and Play Market

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