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Health Wizz

I created a design system for a multiplatform Health Wizz product that included a public-facing mobile app, a B2B web app for health monitoring, and a B2B app for medical data management.


Wireframing, prototyping, user journey mapping, user flows mapping, user testing. 

Health Wizz 1.png


I needed to design a complex system that includes: 
1. Mobile app for patients
2. Health monitoring web app for caregivers
3. Campaign and patients' data management platform for hospitals and labs.

My goal was to design all three products with their respective functionality (for future evaluation) and a cross-platform scalable design system. 

Health Wizz 2.png


1. US healthcare sector regulations set certain limitations on data format and transferring.

2. Medical data transferring was secured by a blockchain technology that was rather new and not fully developed yet, and that brought multiple varied data privacy, technical, and UX challenges.

3. The patient-facing app was supposed to be a behavior-changing tracker for patients with chronic diseases, so one of the challenges was to get users "hooked".

Health Wizz 3.png


Working on Health Wizz, I created the scalable modular interface architecture. The documentation I created helped to save the company hundreds of hours of developers' time.


Keeping in mind the behavior-changing nature of the interaction in the app, I introduced some gamification elements to increase the user's engagement.


Using research and testing methods to prove the design decisions, I designed a UX flow that minimized the complexity of creating and using crypto-wallets. The user-testing sessions showed that flow was so simple for users that they didn't even realize that the in-app tokens are the crypto ones. 

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