For those who love science - Academics for the Future of Science campaign

A lot of people know that long time ago I was a scientist. I was doing the researches of the crystal structures of condensed matters, because crystals are beautiful. But the longer I stayed in the academia, the more I was disappointed: around 2/3 of time I was dedicating not to the research by itself but to the writing grants papers in order to get money for this research. The science budgets are shrinking down every year in many countries and it takes more and more efforts to get a financial support. That upsets me a lot and even the beauty of crystals couldn't help. So I had to quit.  

Unfortunately I'm not the only person who had to leave the research career because of science funding crisis. There are so many of us. I sympathize them a lot, and when Christin Gloriso, a postdoc at MIT, was looking for volunteers to help with the Academics for the Future of Science (AFS) campaign, I was happy to offer my help. AFS goal is to bring the awareness among the society and politicians to the issue of decreasing of the funding for the scientific researches. 


For the campaign I created the number of visuals: illustrations, posters, apparel design, etc. The Science Skull became a symbol of the campaign, that tells people that the lack of science funding is about to kill it. Science is in danger and we need to save it. 

The work in such an enthusiastic groups is always exiting for me and teaches me a lot of new things. And the intermediate result of the campaign which is still going is impressive: more than 1000 emails were sent to Senators this fall about raising science funding. Just a AFS Facebook page we have almost 4000 followers, and the campaign web site becomes more and more popular.  

I truly believe that all these efforts will be fruitful and the situation will change for better.