Flat and smooth.

Hey guys!

I was waiting for this game release more than for anything else, and finally it's here! For those who think that 2048 is not challenging enough for them, 8 Numberflies continues the Siddbetter Ltd tradition of making math games. As you guys know there is nothing better for me than working on smart games, so this project just made me happy. 

So why did this game become so important for me? That's because it was challenging. My style is pretty cartoonish, bright and flashy, with lots of actual drawing and not that much design. 8 Numberflies is different. I used a more calm pink-purple-blue palette. That made the game more girlish and appealing to the main target audience for puzzle games. I faced a lot of UI design problems during work, which I hope I solved successfully.  

Try the game! Your feedback is very important for me. 


Usually people don't show all the guts of projects and intermediate design files. But I don't understand why not. As an artist I'm interested in learning more about the creation process rather than just seeing the results. So here is one of the internal usage images from the 8 Numberflies project.