Dodge The Logs!

Working with an international clients all the time I cannot help myself not to make a generalizations about national peculiarities. Yes, you can tell me that it's bad and close-minded to be so "judgmental" and to choose the national attributes as a parameter. But the situation different: I would never judge people by their origin, but I'm always trying to understand how the living in different countries affects on their aesthetic taste and preferences. It's not only interesting topic but helps me a lot in my work.

Of course there is plenty of information about this on the internet, and it seemed to me that due to my experience I already could feel the major national aesthetic trends but the life gives me a small surprises all the time. For the last half a year a had a few clients from the UK. And I was pretty surprised that all of them, almost in the same time, had emphasized the keyword "cute" for the graphics they wanted to get. Childish, cartoony, cute, adorable, almost classical hard-outlined illustrations - that's what my clients wanted me to create. Is it a coincidence, national feature, games genre's feature or anything else?

One of such a cute projects where I was a part of the development team had just released. It's very intuitive arcade game about little squirrel Dodge The Logs!. Now the game is released for Android but in couple of days it is going to show up on the App Store.

I guess the biggest challenges for this game were on the technical side, which was done by Part12 Studio, than on the graphical. As for me I can tell that the work on  Dodge The Logs!  was pretty enjoyable: I love cartoon style and making a set of little squirrels in costumes reminded me the time when I just started to work in the game industry...and also my childhood and dolls :)

Being a very creative person by himself, Oliver, my client,  also gave me a lot of creative freedom. Although we faced a lot of challenges on the way, for me this project was more fun than hard. Now I see that because of such kind of projects people think that the work in game industry it's never ended holiday :) (of course it's true!)