Match 3 for smart

It's not that easy to find Match 3 game on the market that wouldn't be generic; most of them are either about food, pets, some fantasy things... But our new iPhone game Adventures of Tony Dum Dum, I was working on as an artist and UI designer, is more sophisticated. Despite the cartoony look, game mechanics requires more than mindless swiping; it's actually a calculus game. Playing this game you have to combine numbers making additions and subtraction, and think strategically. 

Because of my background in science I just admire games that players can use to get some knowledge or to improve their skills, besides just entertain themselves. And Adventures of Tony Dum Dum it's a great brain trainer. 

Not all the graphics in the game is mine. When I jumped into the project the characters were already done and the theme and story were already pretty much defined. So my part was to make it look bright and juicy.