Love Story Popup Book

I rarely take private orders, but when Luke contacted me and told about his idea to propose to his lovely girlfriend Mendy by creating  a popup book about their love story. I decided to make an exception.When I heard this I thought that the idea was just awesome. And it did not disappoint!

Luke had a whole team of creators and technicians working on the book. My part was illustrations. We also had a writer, a designer responsible for constructing the book folds and putting everything together, and professional printers. This was the most touching and lovely project I ever had. During the time I was working on it I learned a lot about Luke and Mendy, even though I he never met them in real life (they are from the west coast). Through this project I became emotionally close to them.

I'm so happy with the work we've done. And of course Mendy said "yes"! I'm really happy for both of them and wish for them to live a great happy life together.