Sex and Synestesia


Being born in another culture, sometimes I pay attention to things that seems obvious and natural for the people who grew up in western society, but for me they don't seem so simple. One of such example is sex. Or more exact - how do people here perceive sex. 

From first glance it seems like local popular culture is full of sex. You can meet some sexual content everywhere, it is encouraged and promoted very well. When you talk to today's young people, sometimes you can feel some sort of self pride for being so open-minded and sexually mature that the topic of sex is not "taboo" anymore. Sex is becoming too banal.

Throughout human history people speculated on the topic of sex so much, that it seems like nothing new can be discovered or any topics is left unstudied. It sounds true...until sex enters the bedroom, then you will be surprised by how today's people pay little attention and effort to this beautiful activity. How illiterate they are in this field and how irresponsible they are with their own and their partners pleasure.  


Synestesia,  the wide spread phenomenon of mixed feelings that a lot of people have. Scientists have named a few dozen types of Synestesia; and I got lucky - I have one of the rarer form- colored and textured orgasms. As soon as I have access to visual media I can "record" the feelings I had and share them, because it is beautiful to feel that.

Scientists' description of the phenomenon of Synestesia has been solely physiological (increased cross-talk between brains regions specialized for different functions [1]). Observing my own Synestesia, I made a conclusion that the strength of such kind of cross-feelings really depends on a lot of factors and internal states. An example is how deep I focus on feelings. 

I think that everybody has some mixed feelings and experiences during orgasms, but people just don't want to focus on their feelings enough during the action or they don't know that it is possible.  An analogy: when you read this text, you are receiving the idea, but you hardly pay any attention to the size and shape of the characters that make up the words you read. Now you are closely examining the words at this moment, when I actually pointed it out. The same with sex. I think most of the people during this process is thinking about whatever else, but not focused enough on their sensation. They don't pay attention on how beautiful and unique their sensations are.

Try to focus on your sensations next time you have sex and maybe your mind will paint you a sparkling picture with rainbows.